Layers & Bangs

In my latest video, I show you how I gave myself layers and bangs in less than 30 minutes.

Skip the jump for the video.

I used the creaclip in this video, I’m already made a review on it. I decided to film myself actually cutting my hair so that people could see how easy it is.

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  • Lacubis

    Is this the way u cut your hair always? is very nice, it looks like courtney kardashian hair…. any advice?

  • I’m sorry that I’m late to comment, don’t know why I only saw this now.

    For hair cutting, all the advice I have is in my creaclip review video that is linked in this one. I’ve cut my hair 3 times since I’ve bought it, just getting the hang of being my own hair dresser.

    For hair care advice I have a video called Tips, Products & Updated Routine for Healthy Hair.

    I hope that helps. If you have any more questions, or anything in particular – I’d be happy to answer 😉

  • hello, where could I find the clips that you used in cutting your hair in the video called:How to Cut Layers & Bangs at Home? thank you in advance!

    • Here you go 😉
      creaclip channel –
      creaclip website –