Fall/Winter 2011 Hair Trends

I think it’s fairly easy to look up makeup or clothing trends online for the upcoming season. Recently, I’ve been looking through other blogs and fashion forward websites, but have not found a helpful break down of hair trends. It’s always easier to find fashion trends and make-up trends, but not so much what’s in for hair. So I decided to do one, TA-DA!

I have collected a few runway pictures from style.com (my online fashion bible) and picked a few of my favorite trending styles. I think it’s always fun to look at runway trends, it gives me an idea of what are some of the new things I would like to try with on my own hair.

The Pony Tail

Alexander Wang

I guess ombre hair is still acceptable for fall/winter. I’m sure that we could all make a low and lazy pony look better than Wang did this season. Back to business, we’re seeing a lot of laissez-faire barely styled hair, along with low pony tails. It’s laid back, less damaging and also the perfect cure to get hair out of your face fast!


This low pony-tail can be worn everyday or easily dressed up. Feathers extensions were huge during the summer, in this case, to emmulate this style you should simply opt to use a feather that contrasts you hair color. Moreover, Alexander’s pony will not cut it for dressier occasions nor higher maintenance individuals.

The 60’s

Marc by Marc Jacobs

The 60’s decade is coming back. We saw the voluptuous locks of the 70’s come and go.  We’re looking at a long layered hair cut. The key steps to this look are:  a center part, voluminous straight hair, and loosely curled ends.

Carolina Herrera

It wouldn’t be the 60’s with out Pixie cuts. Not all of us want to go that short! Models sported side parted hair in sleekly rolled buns which are reminiscent of Twiggy’s iconic hair.

Natural & Long


This season is in favor for less styled locks, so we can all give out hot tools a rest. The rest of us (who occasionally have bad hair days) can make it look like we have just rolled out of bed with a little help from hair products and hair styling here and there to achieve this look. Think straight hair with slight kinks and imperfections, center parted and long layers.

Braided Hair

Emilio Pucci

It’s no secret that Wang rekindled our love for the braid in Summer 2010. This has been carried over for several seasons now in several variations from: neat and tidy to messy or different types of braids such as the rope braid.


Just as the pony-tail has it’s messy and tidy variations, so does the braid. Lanvin featured models with perfectly straight hair sporting sleek braided hair. It’s always nice to try something different from the Wang braid.

These are just a few of the trends I witnessed while looking through pictures. Some of my other favorites in terms of hair include: D&G, Chanel, and Miu Miu.

What are your favorite hair trends for fall?


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