Cobalt Blue & Essie Nails

It’s been months since I’ve filmed a stealing style video or an outfit of the day video at home. Today, I had some time to kill before going out and decided to film something that I would normally wear on an everyday basis. I can’t live without my  leggings or my basic tank tops.

I’m loving my new apartment for the amazing lighting! It’s so much better than that dark hallway set up I had before.

Here is the video:

Forever 21 cobalt blue silk tank
Zara leggings
H&M tote
Aldo boots
Jacob scarf
H&M and Citizens Planet bracelets

On my nails, I am wearing Essie‘s Glamour Purse from the Fall 2011 collection. I love this year’s fall collection for it’s browns and cool greys. So many colours straddle the line between two shades. Glamour Purse is a taupe grey colour that is sort of hard to explain, I also love that it’s very wearable.

Essie Fall 2011 colours I’ve posted about so far:
Case Study
Very Structured
Power Clutch – coming soon
Carry On

Thanks for watching,


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