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I’ve been AWFUL  (sorry about the caps), I must say. I shop a lot, but I usually don’t buy a lot, I think. Please forgive my rambles, this is a spur of the moment post. I’m going to tell you what I bought during the Zara sale. I’ve already featured some of these items in at least 1 or 2 styling videos, which I will link here if you are interested.

I’ve shared my Tips for Bargain Shopping with you all, last winter. I basically do major shopping during the winter and summer sales only. I make sure to buy classic pieces and a few trendy items that I didn’t have the money to pick up while they were on regular price.

Buying trendy items on sale is tricky because you’re always afraid that they will go out of style or that you won’t like them next season. If you pick out trendy pieces that easily blend into your style, then you shouldn’t have much of an issue. Fashion is not just about trends, it’s about reflecting your tastes and showcasing your personality.

Classic clothing pieces are also a must to intvest in because you can always reinvent them by mixing and matching them with new or already existing pieces in your wardrobe. That’s a no brainer.

Tips for shopping on a budget during sale seasons

  • Buy pieces you love, the ones that you can imagine blending in with your current wardrobe.
  • Always hold the items your coveting and only put them down when you are sure that you are not buying them – people will snag things you put down!
  • If something is on sale and you need another size or need to replace it because it’s damaged, ask the staff to check the floor or back-store. Who knows, they might have it in another colour you’ll love more, plus it never hurts to buy things in good condition and in the right size.
  • On that note, avoid buying clothing that is damaged or in the wrong size. Lot’s of retailers don’t take returns for sales items! Ill fitting clothing doesn’t look good on anyone.
  • If you are seriously doubting a piece or it’s wear-ability, then just put it down. There is no point buying something you won’t wear – no matter how good the price is.

On to the items I bought from Zara!

Leggings with gold zips

Easily, the most boring haul item I bought. I currently have 3 other pairs of thick Zara leggings in black and I wear them religiously in the winter. They look like slim fit trousers when you wear them with long tops and they are so comfortable! I barely wear jeans any more.

Court shoe with asymmetric heel

I think they meant to say asymmetric cut, perhaps? I don’t know. A couple of seasons ago, I missed out on their top selling antisymmetric suede heels that were edgier than these (see here). I still kick myself for not buying the previous asymmetrical pair, I guess these will have to suffice because I needed a nude pump for all occasions. I featured them in a styling video here.

Thin strap sandals

While everyone was raving over the Zara Basic Sandal, I was dying to get my hands on the thin strap sandals instead. They are in credible! I love the bare foot look because it shows of my foot tattoo. I just feel so sexy in these. I have two reasons to believe these are better than the basic sandal: 1. these are genuine leather and 2. these have a platform, which makes you even taller while keeping you more comfortable.

Elastic and suede ankle boot

I’ve blogged about wanting an Isabel Marrant knock off a while back. Lot’s of stores do them like steve madden, aldo etc.. I never settled for any of them because I had seen them when they were full price. If you can’t get a hold of this pair, Gap does one that is insanely similar, I actually almost bought them earlier this month for $50.

Mini messenger bag with fringes

I’m in love with fringe, can’t you tell from my last post? This reminds me a lot of my H&M fringed purse, but this one is even better! The fringes are genuine leather and have been sown onto a fabric lining. The only downfall to this purse is that there isn’t a zipper compartment inside. I’ve been wearing this every where lately and I always get complimented on it.

City bag with zip

My last Zara purchase this season, perhaps. This bag is huge! I remember finding it under a table, I couldn’t help myself. The price tag said on sale for $129, orginally $179. I took a chance and asked a cashier to scan it for me and it had actually been reduced to $89. I was like, “Yeah, come home with mama!”

Ok, that has been my ridiculous, collective Zara haul over the passed few weeks. I hope I won’t have to come back and update this.

UPDATE: I purchased the following two sales items & a pair of loafers from the new collection

Did you pick up anything in the sale?


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