Sedona Lace Vortex Brushes

Today, I’ll be doing a quick post about the Sedona Lace Vortex Brushes. These brushes were designed by Renelyn Monteloyola of Makeup by Ren Ren on youtube and are sold on the Sedona Lace website. These brushes were kindly sent to me for reviewing purposes.

I wanted to take pictures of the brushes before washing and using them, except the three that I have reviewed before.You might have noticed that I’ve featured Sedona Lace brushes in many of my makeup tutorials, watch here. I have had noting but good experiences with them. They are affordable, durable, soft and handy for my everyday make-up application. Though, the brushes are also sturdy enough for professional make-up artists, as well.

The brush kit is available with a brush belt at $89.99 USD or without the brush belt at $79.99 USD. The brush belt on it’s own costs $19.99 USD. I haven’t featured the belt in this post, but it will be covered at a later date. The kit itself comes with 4 face brushes, 8 eye brushes and 1 lip brush for a total of 13 brushes (but one is double ended, so more like 14 brushes). The brushes are also sold individually on the Sedona Lace site.

Jumbo Fan Face Brush FB 01

As the name suggests, this is a large fan brush. It’s much denser than a typical fan brush. This brush is ideal for setting foundation, packing loose powder to avoid fall out under the eyes, contouring and highlighting. This brush has soft goat hair bristles. I noticed minor shedding with this brush upon receiving it.

Tulip Contour Face Brush FB 03

This tulip shaped contouring brush looses a bit of it’s shape and becomes less tapered after long time use and washing. It is also made of soft goat hair. I’ve reviewed this brush in February 2012. As you might notice, the brush pictured below isn’t clean. I used it to set my foundation in the past, but lately I’ve found myself using this brush to lightly bronze my complexion. This brush reminds me of the MAC 138 Tapered Face Brush. Unfortunately, I cannot compare the two because I do not own the MAC 138.

Dome Contour Face Brush FB 05

This is a dome shaped brush can be used for contouring, it may also be useful for precise blush application. Lot’s of people use this type for brush to apply liquid and cream foundations, but I prefer synthetic brushes for that purpose. This brush has soft goat hair bristles, which works better with powder products. You may notice that natural bristles tend to absorb liquid and cream products. This brush reminds me of the MAC 109 Small Contour Brush. I have the feeling that similarly to the MAC 109, the shape of this brush will expand after use.

Flat Top Buffer Face Brush FB 07

This is a standard flat top kabuki or buffing brush. This brush has soft synthetic bristles. It is ideal for applying cream, liquid or powder products. My favourite Sedona Lace brush kit is the Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush Set (watch review), which actually has a very similar brush called the Synthetic Flat Top 928.

Universal Blender Eye Brush EB 09

Again, the EB 09 was also reviewed in February 2012. It’s a brush that works well to pack and blend eyeshadows on to the lid, it can equally be used with cream products as well. It’s similar to the MAC 217 Blending Brush, however I find it to have a less defined shape, softer feeling and more loosely packed bristles. I often reach for this brush instead of the MAc 217, though both brushes serve the same purpose.

Flat Synthetic Eye Brush EB 11

This brush is useful for packing on powder, cream and liquid products. It has soft synthetic bristles, making it especially useful for applying concealer, cream shadows and eye primers. This brush is most similar to the Large Shader Brush 941 from the Sedona Lace 12 Piece Synthetic Professional Makeup Brush kit (watch review).

Synthetic Blender Eye Brush EB 13

The last of the 3 brushes I reviewed in February 2012 is this God sent synthetic blending brush. It brush is great for applying primer to the eyelids and it can be used to blend eye shadows as well. My preferred use for this brush is to apply concealer or blend an extra layer of foundation to spot treat imperfections.  It’s beyond perfect for that purpose,  all other types of concealer brushes cease to impress me. This may be similar to the MAC 286 Duo Fibre Blending Brush, though the EB 13 seems much less pointed.

Pointed Crease Eye Brush EB 15

At first glance, I knew this brush resembled the limited edition MAC 226 Small Tapered Blending Brush that I missed out on years ago! This brush is in-between a dome shaped blending brush and precision pencil brush, perfect for cut crease looks. The bristles are soft goat hair, once again.

Brow Spoolie Duo Eye Brush EB 17

The EB 17 is a double ended brush with an angled brush on one end and a standard spoolie on the other. The angled brush has stiff synthetic bristles that is supposed to be better for filling in brows. The spoolie can be used for either defusing the color used to fill in the brows or eliminating clumps of mascara from the lashes.

Bent Liner Eye Brush EB 19

This is a standard, bent eye liner brush. The angled end makes it easier (for some like myself) to apply gel eye liner. To date, my favourite gel eye liner brush is the angled one from Quo. I’m very curious to see how the EB 19 brush performs in comparison.

Detailed Shader Eye Brush EB 21

This brush has somewhat rough pony hair bristles. I think this brush is ideal for packing eyeshadow in a precise manner. Although, I did find the bristles to be prickly and therefore I would not recommend this brush for smudging product across the upper or lower lash lines. Generally, it better for packing product, not for swiping or smudging.

Angled Detail Eye Brush EB 23

This brush can be used for a variety of purposes. Much like the MAC 266 Small Angle Brush; its uses include applying winged liner and achieving a cut crease look. I also like these types of brushes for smudging out pencil liner and cream eye shadows along the lash line. Likewise, an angled brush can also be used to apply a powder eye shadow as a liner along wither the upper or lower lash line. This brush has soft synthetic bristles.

Capped Lip Brush LB 25

Lastly, the set came with a portable lip brush with smooth but stiff synthetic bristles. It comes with a cap so that you can touch up your lipstick without applying straight from the tube.

I look forward to sharing more conclusive thoughts about the Sedona Lace Vortex Brushes in an upcoming video. In the meantime, feel free to check out my previous Sedona Lace brush reviews:

If you are interested in the Sedona Lace Vortex brushes or any products from Sedona Lace, you may use the code stealingbeauty for $4 off.Let me know about your favorite makeup brushes in the comments below.


Disclaimer – These brushes were sent at no cost to me for reviewing purposes. This is not a paid review, all opinions are my own.

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