Fall 2012 Luxe Box

I received my Fall 2012 luxe box in September, seemly confused as to why I had not received it in August. The last time I received a Luxe Box was in May. I actually terminated my subscription, but they sent me an August box because I had a remaining balance. I was confused as to why they didn’t send me the June or July boxes to finish up my balance.

There have been some changes at Loose Button, their frequency has changed from monthly to quarterly. In doing so, they promise to follow seasonal trends and deliver better and more samples than before. I’m not sure how I feel about the switch yet, it means I will have to wait longer to finish up my balance. Surely there are more perks I’m unaware of and hopefully this change will lead to better boxes.

The first thing that caught my eye was the change in packaging (pictured above). They switched from flimsy cardboard boxes to sturdier ones, much like the Glossy Box ones but shaped differently. The box included a cloth rather than tissue wrapping. I appreciated this gesture, both the box and cloth are reusable rather than wasteful.

August Luxe Box

august luxe box

The box came with an information card with brief details about the products. Symbols are placed at the bottom of the card to denote if the sample or product is rare, newly launched, exclusive or full-size. For complete product information, Loose Button directs their subscribers to log into their online account. Again, this is less wasteful because they have decrease the amount of papers and coupons that come with the box. Most of the papers that came with my previous boxes went straight to the recycling bin in any case.

There were  a total of 8 samples in my box and 2 of them were full sized products, one product was not pictured above. Previous boxes only included 4-5 samples, including 1 full size product. I noticed that the product selection was much better!

Vichy proeven daily dark spot corrector

These proeven daily spot corrector samples are meant to even out your skin by wiping out dark spots, as the name of the product suggests. Each sample is ample enough for 2 uses and I received 5 in my box, which I consider a fair amount. I wasn’t overtly enthused about receiving this, but then I remembered something. I filled out a survey for Luxe Box before receiving this box and checked dark spots as a skin concern of mine. In reality, dark spots is an issue my mom has, so she should be happy I received these. Most importantly, it shows that Loose Button has paid attention to their customers’ surveys.

Marcelle BB cream beauty balm (full-size)

marcelle bb cream beauty balm

I’ve seen the Macelle BB cream in the cosmetics aisle, I’ve been curious about it and I’m loving the fact that this has a pump. I did a full review on the Maybelline BB cream and I currently enjoy using it. My skin has cleared up quite a bit, as of late, making BB creams a  feasible replacement for foundation (…Hallelujah!!).  I’m excited to try this out and I’ll probably film some tutorials with it on my youtube channel very soon.

Benefit stay don’t stray

benefit stay don't stray sample

Again, I’ve been curious about this primer. I’m currently using the famous Urban Decay Primer Potion in the original formula and the Sedona Lace stick it to ’em, both of which have been featured in many of my makeup tutorials. This once, however, is suppose to be a dual-action eye-shadow primer that works as an under eye concealer as well.

Prada amber pour homme (exclusive, rare sample)

prada amber pour homme

I bought Prada amber pour homme for my boyfriend 2 years ago as a birthday gift. I love this scent, I think it’s excellent for men who don’t like harsh, overwhelming fragrances. It’s described as a fragrance with a rich amber base and a contrasting barber soap scent.

Loose Button exfoliating pad (exclusive, rare sample)

loose button exfoliating pad

I’m not thrilled in the least about receiving this, as I’ve had bad experiences with exfoliating pads. I prefer exfoliating facial cleansers with beads, don’t they all have beads? Any way, these things tend to break me out and I won’t even bother trying it out.

China Glaze Elephant Walk nail lacquer (full-size)

elephant walk china glaze

I received China Glaze Elephant Walk from the Fall 2012 Safari collection. This reminds me of a teal version of Essie Sew Sketch, though Elephant Walk has a slight silver shimmer to it. At first I was worried that the nail polish would look like a shimmer or frost, but the slight shimmer is barely noticeable on the nails. Depending on the lighting, it can either look grey, teal or army green. I quite like it for fall, it ties in well with the military trend this season. I recently saw this at Winners for 5.99$.

KMS free shape quick blow dry

kms free shape quick blow dry

Last but not least, we have the free shape quick blow dry spray by KMS. This product is meant to speed up hair drying time by 50% while providing heat protection. The second ingredient is alcohol, I completely understand how this would help both dry and perhaps dry-out hair.

Final thoughts

If you are considering this subscription service, or wondering about how your subscription has changed, note the following:

  • boxes are now sent out quarterly and no longer on a monthly basis
  • you will receive 7-8 trial size beauty products
  • there are membership perks such as exclusive access to beauty-themed events, contests, product launches, tutorials.. etc
  • the Referral Program is currently inactive and is temporarily unavailable

The new pricing is as follows:

  • $26 per season, i.e. 1 Luxe Box per plan cycle
  • $50 every 6 months, i.e. $25 per season, 2 Luxe Boxes per plan cycle
  • $96 every 12 months, i.e. $24 per season, 4 Luxe Boxes per plan cycle

Previously, Luxe Boxes costed 12$ per month. In theory, you are paying less per month, but more per box now. Consider this, my box had 2 full size products that retailed for more than 26$. The Marcelle BB cream retails at 22$ and the  China Glaze nail polish retailing at somewhere between 6$-8$. I’m satisfied with the change and I have even found that the brand names and sizes of the samples are much better.

Let me know your thought! Do you think it’s worth it?

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