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You know what time of the year it is, don’t you? Naturally, I have a Zara sale post, but this time isn’t as big as last time. I haven’t had the chance to spend a quiet week day evening there, which is the best time to do Zara sale shopping. Why?

  1. It’s the only time the store is somewhat organized during the sale season (making it much easier to finds sizes and actually see the clothing on hangers and not the floor)
  2. The fitting rooms are empty and the line up to pay isn’t decades long
  3. The staff are able to help you find garments or serve you (because there aren’t as many people making a mess for them to clean after)

I’m sure we’ve all had a chaotic Zara sale shopping experience before, that’s an experience I prefer to avoid whenever possible. Shoes, heels, wedges, boots, basically anything footwear is the easier item to shop for during the sale, that’s usually what I look for first. Zara is my favorite place to shop for shoes, hands down!

Zara Black Vamp Wedge with Ankle $29


I wouldn’t call these vamp, but I suppose they could be considered a more vamp version of a classic Mary Jane. I love that this wedge has a subtle, more modern take of a patent finish. Patent shoes can easily look tacky, but these are so versatile and sophisticated. They would look equally great with a pair of jeans or a business appropriate pencil skirt.

Zara Shiny Heels Strappy Sandal $29


The zipper on the back makes it easy to get these babies on! I cannot express how sexy these are! These aren’t your standard strappy black suede heels, check out that epic heel. I’ve styled these with black opaque tights and it made it look almost as if the heel was transparent, but it reflects the light. The suede straps give the heels this cool cage effect. I’m in love.

Have you picked up anything in the sale?


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