Real Techniques Starter Set

Today’s post will be my review of the Real Techniques Your Eyes Starter Kit. I received this kit and the Core Collection kit from reviewing purposes from a website called Farleyco, which ships Real Techniques Brushes to Canada. There are 3 Real Technique brush sets available on, they also now carry single brushes! Real Technique brushes are also available at Walmart across Canada.

This is the second of two sets I will be reviewing on my blog and YouTube channel. Last week, I reviewed the Real Techniques Your Base Core Collection .

These brushes are made of synthetic taklon bristles and have extended aluminum handles. These are also 100% cruelty free makeup brushes. The line was designed by makeup artist Samantha Chapman from Pixiwoo on youtube.

Real Techniques Starter Set

The starter set is comprised of 5 eye brushes, unlike the core collection, these have purple aluminum handles. They are light, easy to wash and convenient brushes to travel with because they have relatively short handles.

Deluxe crease brush



The deluxe crease brush is an excellent multi-purpose brush that can be used for many purposes. It is like a larger version of the Sedona Lace synthetic blender eye brush, because of the synthetic bristles and similar uses. However, the deluxe crease brush is larger and has a more flat top. As all Real Techniques brushes, it is great with cream or powder products. This brush can be used for, the crease, eye shadow application all over the lid, concealer, highlighting or blending.

Base shadow brush



This brush similar in shape to the MAC 217 or the Sedona Lace universal blending brush, except it is synthetic and slightly larger. It’s the perfect brush for all types of eye shadow application and blending. It can also be used with concealer or cream shadows.

Accent brush


The accent brush is a tiny brush which is useful to blend eye liner pencil precisely along the lash line or to set cream products. It is also handy for detail work, such as the highlighting the inner corner.

Pixel-point eyeliner brush

Real-Techniques-Pixel-point eyeliner brush

I have heard previous reviewers say that this brush is too thick or too large for gel eyeliner application, but it has worked well for me. This brush works best when you use it to get a dramatic winged look rather that a thin line. I did not like it for any other purpose, but eye liner. I like using the pixel-point eyeliner brush to set an eyeliner with shadow, but because of the long bristles – it was awkward to use for that purpose.

Brow brush


This was the most disappointing brush in the kit. I’m not knocking on the quality of this angled brow brush, but I found that its size and the softness of the bristles were inconvenient. However, I’ve found it useful for creating a cut crease or applying eye shadow in the outer-v.

Like the previous set, this also comes with a Panoramic brush case; which is a 2-in-1 case plus stand, a case for travelling and a brush stand.

Real Techniques Starter Set Video Review

Overall, I have been very impressed with the Real Technique brushes! I cannot wait to get my hands on more of them, especially the single brushes.

What are your favorite Real Technique brushes?


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