Stila Spring Collection

I’ll be sharing my first impressions, swatches and photos of me wearing three items from the Stila Spring Collection in this post. The colors are quite lovely!

Believe it or not, these are the first Stila products I have ever tried. I’ve always been curious about their eye shadow palettes because they have gotten a lot of hype on YouTube. In today’s post I will be featuring two lip products and one eye product.

Stila Spring Collection


Stila Color Balm Lipstick – Gabrielle


Gabrielle is a beautiful pink nude pink, the formula is a hybrid between a lipstick and lip balm. It comes in many other gorgeous shades. I find it to be more opaque and less glossy than the Revlon Lip Butters. You can wear it sheered out on the lips for a subtle look or swipe it across the lips twice for a solid nude pink lip. It has peppermint oil to soothe irritated lips and it wears similarly to a tinted balm.

The tube is aesthetically pleasing, sturdy and convenient. It even has a mirror at the top of the tube so that you can check your application. The bullet has a chrome look, but it’s actually very light weight and made of plastic. I like that the writing across the tube matches the product perfectly.


It is worth mentioning that precise application is a bit tricky with this product. The lipstick tube is quite thick. Bare in mind that I do not have thin lips and I still find the tube too thick, darker shades may require a lip brush.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick – Amore


stila-stealing-beauty (6)

Just as the name implies, this is a liquid lipstick. It has a matte texture and full-coverage lip color. The texture is light on the lips. It reminds me very much of the NYX matte lip creams in texture and finish, but this feel like it adheres to the lips better. This product is suppose to last for 6 hours of continuous wear without feathering (I haven’t worn it for that long yet). The shimmer you see in the close up above is hardly visible on the lips.

Above, I’m wearing a sheer coat of Amore liquid lipstick, without lip liner, applied with a lip brush. Amore is a very pretty deep plum shade that would compliment light and darker skin tones alike – find here.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner – Periwinkle


This waterproof eye liner comes in other colors as well, but I’m happy to try something fresh and new for Spring. I love the tapered felt tip for added precision. This marker style eye liner is inky and doesn’t tug on the skin. I can’t wait to try this color out in different ways, especially since I have seen a lot of blue looks from Spring Summer 2013 runway shows.


Above, I am wearing periwinkle along the lower lash line with a neutral everyday eye makeup look – find here.

What are your go to Stila products? Do you have any recommendations?

*These items were provided to me by NKPR, I was not asked or paid to feature them.


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