Marcelle BB Cleanser Demo and Review

I’m sure you’ve all tried a BB cream or two over the past year, maybe even a CC cream, but have you heard of a BB cleanser?

The Marcelle BB cleanser is another hybrid product; due to this huge trend in the beauty industry (think BB creams and lipsticks in gloss form… and all of that jazz).

Let’s get straight to it!

Marcelle BB Cleanser Demo and Review


This BB cleanser is a no-rinse formula that removes makeup, cleanses, and acts as an overnight multi-benefit moisturizer. Like a BB cream, this product has a list of benefits, it:

  1. Purifies skin
  2. Improves skin vitality
  3. Provides a luminous complexion
  4. Soothes and calms
  5. Offers immediate hydrating benefits
  6. Reinforces skin’s moisture barrier
  7. Cleans pores
  8. Protects skin from environmental stresses

Hypo-allergenic and perfume free. Oil free. 200 mL

The packaging has a lot of text dedicated to the benefits of the product, but the instructions were vague to me. Since this concept is relatively unique to the Canadian market, I think they should have been more thorough about the product’s instructions.

The Marcelle BB cleanser is meant to be massaged on dry skin to remove makeup and cleanse the skin, much like a regular cleanser. However, instead of rinsing this product off you simply wipe your face clean using a cotton pad or damp cloth. The layer of product that is left on your skin acts as a moisturizer.

How to use the Marcelle BB cleanser (skip to 1:55)

Personally I prefer to use it in one of two ways:

  • I either use the BB cleanser after a regular cleanse, because it removes the makeup your cleanser leaves behind and acts as a moisturizer at the same time… OR
  • I damp my face a bit with water prior to massaging the BB cleanser onto my face. I feel like it helps dissolve makeup better, it allows me to use less product and the cotton pad glides more smoothly.

Overall, it’s not the type of product I would typically gravitate towards on an everyday basis. I like my long night time skin care routine. I love that I can use this product in conjunction with a regular cleanser… but when do I tone my skin? Bare in mind that there are plenty of nights when I get lazy, in which case, this product becomes a savior.


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Have you ever tried a BB cleanser? What are your thoughts about this product?

*This product was sent to me for consideration via Vervegirl magazine.


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