Sedona Lace Se7ven Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush Set

I’m going to quickly gloss over the Se7ven Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush Set, which I received courtesy of Sedona Lace. This short, but photo heavy post where I will briefly tell you how I use each brush in the set.

Se7ven Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush Set

The Se7ven Midnight Lace set comes with seven brushes that are between eye and face brush size. Like the previous Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush Sets; these are soft, easy to clean and cruelty free.

They are multi-purpose brushes that come with a pamphlet describing the way that you can use the brushes. The beauty in this set is that you can use the brushes to your liking depending on your makeup routine.


Synthetic Small Angled Flat – 618


The small angled flat brush would make an amazing brush for precise contouring, specifically for contouring the nose. I would even use it to blend eye shadows using the longer edge, you can get fairly creative with this one.

Synthetic Small Round Flat – 847


I have used the small round flat brush to apply and blend out both cream and powder eye shadows all over the lid. It cuts down on time and it is especially useful when you are applying a neutral base color.

Synthetic Small Angle – 773


I haven’t reached for this brush as often as the previous, but I see it coming in handy when you use the 847 for cream shadow and this one for powder. It’s always handy to have separate brushes for cream and powder products.

Synthetic Small Round Dome – 217 / Synthetic Small Flat Top – 872


I love the small rounded dome brush 217 for blending or setting under eye concealer. I typically use either my finger or the Real Techniques contour brush for applying an under eye concealer. Then I go in with the SL 217 to set the concealer with a loose powder.

The small flat top 872 is amazing at applying and blending my Vichy Dermablend foundation, which I use as a spot concealer for active break outs or fading blemishes. I now prefer using this brush to conceal break outs over the SL EB 13.

Synthetic Small Tapered – 224


This is an interesting brush. I actually like using this small tapered brush (which is actually large in my opinion) to apply and blend darker shadows in the crease. Crazy! I know, but if you apply shadow to the very tip and work the brush back and forth in the crease – it’s like magic. It applies and blends, which saves time.

I think this brush would be great at smudging out eyeliner for a very dark and dramatic smokey eye.

Synthetic Small Round – 312


I haven’t reached for this as often as I thought I would. I see it being a good brush to blend out a precise contour without loosing precision. It would also work well at applying and blending cream or powder eye shadows, similar to the Small Round Flat – 847 and the Synthetic Small Angle – 773, except this brush is neither flat nor angled. 

Close up: Se7ven Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush Set


Synthetic Small Round Flat – 847

Synthetic Small Round – 312

Synthetic Small Round Dome – 217


Synthetic Small Angled Flat – 618

Synthetic Small Round Flat – 847

Synthetic Small Angle – 773

Synthetic Small Tapered – 224


My least favorites were the Angled Flat – 618 and Small Tapered – 224 only because I didn’t reach for them as often as the others. However, I do find it an interesting set for anyone who is a brush collector because it has unique brushes!

These wash well, no bleeding or shedding, but they dry slower than the Real Technique brushes. In fact, I’ve noticed that all my synthetic brushes from Sedona Lace take the longest to dry out of the rest of my brushes.

One final critic is that some of my brushes has slightly dented or bend ferrules near the bristles. It’s not a huge deal, but they have an irregular shape because of these bents. I’m not sure if I am at fault for the way I’ve travel with them or whether the ferrules are too weak.

Stay tuned for the video, don’t forget to subscribe so as not to miss it. What did you think of these brushes?

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