Revlon by Marchesa Royal Burgundy

I’m sure a lot of you have heard of the Revlon by Marchesa 3D Jewel Nail Appliqués. In today’s manicure Monday post, I’ll be showing you the nail applique in Royal Burgundy.

I’ve only tried one other nail appliqué called the Sally Hansen Salon Effects. However, these are unique because of their 3D Jewel effect and textured finish.

Revlon by Marchesa

The new Revlon by Marchesa Nail Art 3D Jewel Appliques are exclusive, limited edition, textured appliqués inspired by Marchesa runway gowns. They feature rich metallics, intricate prints, and lavish colours.

Available in 8 intricate designs for $8.95
24K Brocade, Beaded Couture, Crown Jewels, Evening Garnet, Gilded Mosaic, Jeweled Noir, Royal Burgundy, and Silk Rosette

Royal Burgundy nail appliquée


*Press photo courtesy of Revlon.


What’s in the box

The product includes 18 appliqués varying in size, a mini file with nail buffer and cuticle stick.

How to apply

  1. Start with clean, dry nails, prepped with polish remover
  2. Select the size that best fits nail
  3. Press applique firmly over the entire surface of the nail (it should not touch skin or cuticle)
  4. Fold excess appliqué over the edge of the natural nail
  5. Remove excess material by gently filing in a sideways motion, in one direction

How to Remove

Gently peel the appliqué off starting from the edge of the nail at the cuticle.


  • Exclusive 3D jewel designs inspired by Marchesa design motifs
  • Each contains 18 strips to fit most nail sizes and won’t stain nails
  • Salon-like nail art quality that is easy to apply at home
  • UV cured technology made to last
  • No dry time and won’t dry out
  • Appliqués can be worn alone or over top coats and/or colored nail enamel



The texture varies depending on which appliqué you purchase, the gold pattern on Royal Burgundy has an elevated texture. Parts of it are reflective and imitate the look of gold. The back drop is a cream burgundy that is neither matte nor shimmer.

Others have a clear background so that they can be worn over other nail polishes.

Ease of application

I wouldn’t say these are super hard to apply. The application is moderately difficult and time consuming. You need to make sure the appliqué is smooth on the nail (no ripples or bumps), otherwise it may effect the lasting power of the manicure.

I found it tricky to get the appliqué to apply smoothly to the tips of my nails because of the shape of my nails. I have a curved apex and the tips of my nails are almond or round. If you have a square manicure, it may be easier.

The appliqués have a bit of elasticity to them, which can help you pull and smooth it over the nail. But be careful, the appliqué can tear as it is not as elastic as the Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips.

Lasting Power

They lasted me 3 days. I notice that the appliqués started to look haggard after I took a shower and washed my hair with them on. The warm water must have loosened the glue. They weren’t completely peeling on their own, but I could easily move them around with my finger.

The textured finish is a bit delicate, your nails don’t chip but I noticed a few areas on the tips of my nails had turned white where the texture and color had faded.

A top coat can help the lasting power as well, particularly if you seal your tips!



I would purchase them if I had a special occasion or I simply wanted to try out an intricate manicure without having to resort to fantastic nail art skills (which I do not have).

I recommend making sure you minimize water contact when wearing these nail appliqués. Yes, you can wash your hands, but if you need to do dishes you should wear gloves. I would put these on after washing my hair, because I only wash my hair ever 3 days in any case.

I think they would make great nail accents, so definitely save the left overs after you wear a complete set. You can get creative with the ones that have designs over clear backgrounds by extracting the designs with an exacto knife. There are lot’s of possibilities, though the lasting power isn’t one of this product’s strong points.

Have you tried the Revlon by Marchesa nail wraps? Which are your favorite nail appliqués?

* This product was sent to me for consideration and review.


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