Sonia Kashuk Haul | Concealer and Blush Brush

Here’s a mini Sonia Kashuk haul. Since Target has opened in Canada, Sonia Kashuk has been one of the brands I eagerly wanted to get my hands on. It’s pricier than a regular drugstore range, but I find the packaging and product range to be worth the extra money.

Sonia Kashuk Haul

I will include swatches of the hidden agenda concealer palette and a close up of the domed blusher brush No 29. I bought these products on separate occasions, but I’m posting about them together today.

Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette Light 07Sonia-Kashuk-Haul-target-Canada-Hidden-Agenda-Concealer-Palette-Light-07-733031-052-11-0437


The Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette is meant to minimize the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. It has 2 shades of concealer on the top row. You can blend them together match your skin tone. On the bottom row, it has a neutralizer and translucent powder.

I have been using this palette for a couple of weeks and I like it so far. I mix the two top shades for concealing under the eye area and the neutralizer shade for blemishes. I haven’t used the translucent powder, though.

The packaging is sleek and has a magnetic closure. My guess is that the packaging has changed because I have seen white compacts online that came with little brushes. I’m not sure how much product is in it isn’t labelled on the compact. I paid over $12 CND for this item.

Sonia Kashuk Domed Blusher Brush No 29Sonia-Kashuk-Haul-target-Canada-Domed-Blusher-Brush-No-29-14346298-052-11-0201


It kind of irks me that the writing on the brush is upside down in picture above. The writing on them is opposite to all my other brushes, which is irrelevant, but for some reason I felt the need to point that out.

The domed bristles of this Blusher Brush are meant to be the perfect shape for blush application and achieving a flawless flush.

My current favorite blush brush is actually the Lancôme Dual Ended Cheek Contour Brush #25 (find here) and the Sonia Kashuk one happens to have similar bristles for half the price. The shape is more doomed rather than the paddle style of the Lancôme one, though.

I was attracted to this brush because I’ve been coveting a few other domed shaped brushes such as the 160 Blush Brush (find here) from the MUFE Artisan Collection and the Real Techniques your finish/perfected blush brush.

Random thought – does it bother anyone else that these brushes come in large, bulky, plastic packaging for no reason? Not necessary!

I can’t wait to try out the concealer and brush and let you know my thoughts.

What are your thoughts on these Sonia Kashuk items? What other products would you recommend?


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  • Target JUST opened up in my area, and since all of the hype for the concealer on youtube,etc. I’m hoping and praying that they aren’t sold out or something. I’ve also heard good things about their matte lip pencils… need to check it out for sure.

    • Speaking of it being sold out – the two Sonia Kashuk products that sold out the quickest were the hidden agenda concealer palettes and the Synthetic Flat Top Multipurpose Brush – No 04. I was lucky enough to grab my palette on the first day this particular Target opened. I hope you get it 🙂

  • Nids

    HEyyy… Which target did you visit in montreal? Also do you know where can i get real technique brushes in canada? PLs let me know … 🙂 thanks alot !

    • The target in Alexis Nihon, it opened a couple of weeks ago. You can find Real Techniques at Walmart. 🙂

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  • Hey from a fellow montrealer 🙂 I just saw this at the target near my place (that’s now shutting down ofcourse) and wondered if I should buy it. Thought Id read th3 reviews and go back if I still wanted it. Glad to hear that I actually works well. Totally with you on the atrocity that is bulky product presentation !!