Revlon Manicure – Matte and Duo Chrome

As mentioned in my previous post about the Revlon Lacquer Balms, I attended a Revlon manicure event. Hence the Revlon matte and duo chrome manicure I have to share with you today.

I’ve been into matte nail polishes as of late. It’s a bit odd because I’m not a fan of how matte nail polish tends to chip quicker than any other finish, but I love the look.

Matte and Duo Chrome Manicure

I also wore this manicure in my Rose Gold Makeup of the Day post. The pictures of this manicure look better on there than here. The shots I have of this manicure alone are either fuzzy or burnt. Oh well, on to the review…


As a base, I’m wearing the black matte polish from the Revlon Nail Art Shiny Matte in 500 Leather & Lace (available in January 2014). On top of the matte black polish, I’m wearing Revlon 933 Chameleon, which is a gold and green duo chrome. You could say Chameleon is similar to Chanel Peridot, though I’ve never tried the latter.

Unfortunately, the duo chrome quality of Chameleon is lost when it’s applied over the matte black from 500 Leather & Lace. It looks much more like a bronze shade in this manicure. I think it would require generous coats to appear opaque on its own because the formula is thin and sheer.

I love the look of matte nails and this case was no exception. After 3 days, I put on a glitter top coat which turned matte for some reason. Here’s a picture of  it on instagram, my username is @stealingb if you are curious.

I’ve recently picked up a matte top count too. I can’t wait to post about that.

How do you feel about nail art and matte nail polishes?

P.S., sorry about the lack of manicure Monday posts, I stopped because my nails broke during finals. 🙁


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