Easy Ombre Nail Manicure with Fing’rs

If I can do it, you can do it! I’m not particularly gifted at nail art, but I was sent this ombre nail kit a while back and I decided to use it now since it’s pink and Valentine’s day is coming up. These easy ombre nails didn’t take long to do at all!

For this manicure, I used the Fing’rs Edge Ombre Nail in pink. The kit comes with 5 pink nail polishes and a little sponge to help achieve the perfect gradient. All of them are cream finishes except the third darkest, which has a gold sheen. The gold sheen complements the pinks well and gives it a more spring/summer feel.

Easy Ombre Nail Manicure with Fing’rs


On the sides of the box there are 6 step instructions to achieve an ombre manicure.

  1. Apply 2 coats of the lightest shade and let it dry completely
  2. Dip the sponge in water to prevent the polish from soaking up the nail polish too quickly
  3. Apply a stripe of the darkest shade closest toward the edge of the sponge
  4. Apply a stripe of the second darkest shade above the previous and continue stacking shade stripes using the third and fourth shades
  5. Press the sponge on a piece of paper to remove any excess polish and then press the sponge on the nails.
  6. Clean excess polish around the nail with polish remover.


I applied a base coat before beginning my manicure. When using the sponge, I did so with dabbing motions to achieve a more gradient effect. I also more polish to repeat the pressing step because I wanted a more intense look. I also finished the look with a top coat, as this really brings the look together.

If you want to camouflage any of the marks left by the sponge, a subtle glitter polish with do the trick. I ended up using Essie Shine of the Times as a glitter top coat – see below.


Overall, I think it’s a nice kit. The sponge that comes in this kit is porous, I wonder if a makeup sponge would have been better suited to do this manicure. Other than that, I have no complaints.

Have you tried a gradient or ombre nail manicure before? What are your color recommendations for this type of manicure?


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  • lady noxy

    I definitely prefer makeup sponges when doing a gradient. The sponge marks that result from a makeup sponge are much less noticeable. I might have to try dipping the sponge in water first though, I never thought of that! lol

    • I’m guessing they meant dipping the sponge in water, taking out the excess and then applying nail polish…
      I think I will go pick up some makeup sponges based on what you have said. After I applied my top coat, I got a lot of compliments for this manicure. It makes me excited to experiment with different colors.
      Thanks for the tip 🙂

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