Revlon by Marchesa Manicure Beauty Tools Overview

I have three items from the Revlon by Marchesa beauty tool collection that are specifically manicure related. They are the File n’ Peel 6-in-1 FileBox O’ Files and Manicure Essentials Kit.

These kits are available in 3 different colors black with gold accents, pink with black accents and blue with silver lace accents.

The designs are inspired by Marchesa’s couture creations, which take a sophisticated approach to traditional lace and bring coveted Marchesa artistry to every woman.

This collection is available as of February 2014 at drug and mass retailers nationwide – aka now!

Revlon by Marchesa Manicure Beauty Tools


Revlon File n’ Peel 6-in-1 File $4.49 each (pictured above, last item on the right)

  • Layered shaper: peel-off layer file for refreshed filing
  • 2 sided: one for shaping, one for smoothing, 6 files in one (3 count per side)


Revlon by Marchesa Box O’ Files $4.49 each | Revlon by Marchesa Manicure Essentials Kit $12.99 each


Revlon by Marchesa Box O’ Files $4.49 each

  • Mini box ‘matchbox’ style packaging perfect for traveling
  • 6 small files for on-the-go shaping & smoothing


Revlon by Marchesa Manicure Essentials Kit $12.99 each

  • All-in-1 manicure kit with pouch containing a nail clip, cuticle trimmer, buffer and compact emery filer



So far, most of these items have come in handy for me, particularly the nail files. I really like the design. My other nail tools are not as aesthetically pleasing as these. Performance is priority, but it’s always nice to have something cute. Additionally, I think the manicure pouch is lovely for travel.

I’m not a fan of nail clippers unless I’ve broken one nail and I want to shorten all my remaining nails quickly. The cuticle trimmer works fine, but I prefer the ones that split more because they tend give a closer trim to excess skin.

Have you spotted these in store yet? What do you think of these?


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