Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Blossom Lipstick Set Overview

I lucked out and snagged a Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Blossom Lipstick Set at the Sephora in Carrefour Laval last Sunday.

This was a limited edition box for Chinese New Year (January 31st, 2014) and it included three full size lipsticks of three finishes: Volupté Sheer CandyVolupté Shine, and Rouge Volupté. The set retails for $75 CND when each YSL lipstick normally runs at $39 CND each. In theory, you are getting three for $3 CND less than the price of two.

It’s unfortunate that these are so scarce now, because they would have made an excellent last minute Valentine’s Day gift.

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Blossom Lipstick Set

YSL-Beauty-Blossom-Lipstick-Set-1 YSL-Beauty-Blossom-Lipstick-Set-0YSL-Beauty-Blossom-Lipstick-Set

To my knowledge, this was available exclusively at Sephora in Canada. I saw it online, but it quickly disappeared. I disregarded it because thought it might be one of those sets with mini lipsticks. Then I saw Maggie from Maggie’s Makeup post the set on instagram, here… oh yeah!

A day later, I looked for it at the Sephora in Downtown Montreal, (knowing it would probably be sold out) they were out of stock. I took a chance on Sunday when I went shopping and there was a single set left at the Sephora in Carrefour Laval. The YSL lip set was in the bins close to where you pay for your purchases (where they keep travel sizes and miniature sets).

I haven’t touched the Beauty Blossom Lipstick Set yet, but I thought I would pre-post it before it’s too late. There may be a handful of these left (like, 1 or something) so if you want it, you have to be pro-active. I recommend calling, having it put aside and then retrieving the set asap.


The three lipsticks came wrapped individually in black tissue paper inside the box, so you do not get the original packaging. The names are not indicated, there is only a number on the bottom label of each tube.

Volupte Sheer Candy 04 Succulent Pomegranate sheer bright pink with red undertones

Volupte Shine 12 Coral Incandescentbright cajun coral

Rouge Volupte 01 Nude Beigecreamy neutral beige

These are my first YSL lipsticks, ever. I’ve been tempted several times before, but what better way to try them than to test out three different formulations and shades? Sometimes good things come with time.

What do you think of Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks? What are your favourite finishes and shades?


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