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Alexa Chung Inspired Outfit

Today’s post is an Alexa Chung inspired outfit. Alexa Chung‘s iconic style has always fascinated me. Her outfits are always simple, school-girl-ish, and well put together. I don’t even know if school […]

Vanessa Hudgens Dress & Giveaway

 Since I started doing celebrity inspired Stealing Style videos, Vanessa Hudgens has been highly requested. As you might remember, I’ve done a Vanessa inspired video before. Rs2shopping contacted me to […]

Spotted Romper

I wore this out on a Thursday night going to Distillerie, which has become one of  my favorite bars and I’m not even a bar type of girl. Given the […]

Evening Out

I didn’t get a chance to film the night when I wore this outfit, which is unfortunate because my boyfriend and I wanted to make an outfit vlog. Yes, that’s […]